Why use Git-Tfs?

  1. Git handles merges much better than TFS.
  2. Allows for the creation and merging of branches with ease (I have looked at git-flow but haven’t started using it yet.)
  3. If you have a incremental changes that you don’t want to lose, have an arduous check-in process or simply want to compact code changes as a single changeset for TFS then Git-Tfs is the way to go.
  4. You should support Open Source Software.


The following articles explain how to setup Git-Tfs:

  1. “Gitting” TFS out of your way
  2. Git-Tfs – Where Have You Been All My Life


  1. Be careful to merge changes downstream (TFS -> master -> branch A)
  2. Only merge upstream (TFS <- master <- branch A) if the changes will be committed to the TFS branch
  3. Learning to guess what is giving you the dreaded “Command exited with error” message

To be fair:

  1. I resolved my mistakes after minor pain.
  2. I could debug with the source code if I wished to do so.

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