I have been working with the Salesforce API lately, and have found the learning curve to be a little bit steep. I can’t say it’s been insurmountable, but often times the first day working with any API is the most frustrating.

So without further ado, I present the Minimum Pieces of Flair required to successfully login to the SOAP API.

Steps to add a Web Reference to your project in Visual Studio.

  1. Right Click Project
  2. Add
  3. Service Reference
  4. Advanced…
  5. Add Web Reference…
  6. Open your salesforce wsdl xml file
  7. Click Add Reference

C# code

var service = new SforceService.SforceService();
var result = service.login("user", "password");
service.Url = result.serverUrl;
service.SessionHeaderValue = 
    new SforceService.SessionHeader() 
        sessionId = result.sessionId 

This will get you everything that you need to login and start making calls. Salesforce’s introductory example is lengthy with all kinds of exception handling and timeout setting. In my case, this was overkill, but your mileage may vary.


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