I needed to automate a full deployment of all my services, databases and the client that consumed them frequently.


I am using an on premise installation of Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2012 and Visual Studio 2015. I needed to leverage multiple builds since msbuild arguments (the ones that you use to automatically publish/deploy) apply to every project/solution being built. This can potentially lead to multiple different builds.


Fortunately, this can be accomplished using PowerShell. TFS provides a good useful well-documented interface.

Below are some helpful references that I found on my way to the above solution.


I recently started working with a different TFS instance and version only to discover the script produced the below error. I have updated it accordingly.

[ERROR] Multiple ambiguous overloads found for


  1. TFS Build API by Example #1: Queue a build.
  2. Queuing TFS Build from Powershell Script Which is Called from TFS Build
  3. Queuing a build in PowerShell
  4. relative path in Import-Module
  5. Powershell import-module doesn’t find modules
  6. How to set a custom tfs build parameter using powershell

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