Thank you to Nova Southeastern University(NSU), all sponsors, speakers and volunteers for putting on a great SQL Saturday #379. Met lots of passionate people that showed how much of a community we have in Broward County. I attended the following sessions and talked to lots of people about Code for Fort Lauderdale.

DH2i & DxEnterprise Stand-Alone to Clustered in Minutes

Carl Berglund

This was a vendor session for DH2iworks across multiple SQL versions and OSes. It was a very interesting session, particularly for a developer less familiar with virtual environments (at least standing them up, configuring, updating, feeding, watering, etc.). I know that for me, it introduced the following new and/or less familiar terms.

  • quorum – the minimum number of members of a deliberative assembly. In the context of Clustering and High Availability, it is minimum number of nodes that must be in a cluster for it to be viable.
  • InstanceMobility – The ability to move an instance of a virtual machine across physical machine boundaries
  • SAN – Consolidated block level storage (as opposed to file level storage). Only block level operations are supported.
  • Internet Small Computer System Interface(iSCSI) SAN – Allows for the emulation of a SAN over IP networks

The DH2i & DxEnterprise works across multiple SQL versions and OSes. Microsoft Clustering is not designed for Quality of Service(QoS). I was impressed by the demo given showing how to build out a 2 node cluster. You can see the steps below.

  1. Create individual nodes
  2. Add the disks
  3. Create a vhost
  4. Set the two nodes to be active on this vhost

In the demonstration, one node was running Windows Server 2008 R2 and the other node was running Windows Server 2012. He explained how this simplifies implementing a non-traditional cluster(different OS/SQL versions). As an added benefit, it provides a way to perform a consistent install on each node.



  1. Wikipedia: Storage area network
  2. Wikipedia: iSCSI


PowerShell and Python – The Clash Part Deux

Jorge Besadaz (,

Below is a comparison between Python and PowerShell.


  • Powershell is installed by default.
  • Politically correct to use PowerShell
  • Can instantiate .NET classes
  • “Steal from the Best, And Create the Rest”. Chad Miller is better than you, see for yourself on CodePlex.
  • PowerGUI Script Editor


  • Easy to learn
  • Very good support for windows
  • has modules for everything
  • has “batteries included” philosophy

JetBrains makes an outstanding Python editor called PyCharm. In python, indentation is equivalent to brackets. You can use python to call sqlcmd.

There is a great video from Jeff Snover, PowerShell Creator, that you can watch. You can find the presentation here.



PowerShell with Visual Studio SQL Data Tools

Max Trinidad
Florida PowerShell User Group

Max demonstrated how to debug PowerShell with Visual Studio and use many of the data tools available. There were big changes between versions of powershell (2-5).

New/Enhanced Features

Rival Editors

  1. SAPIEN is editor of choice.
  2. PowerShell Studio 2012
  3. PrimalXML
  4. SharpDevelop


“I can do it. You can do it!” -Max


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