Automating deployments can save you a great deal of headaches and even trauma in some cases. However I found it disappointing when I actually tried to put the best practice of automating deployments into practice.

I needed to make a backup copy of the production folder and then overwrite the live copy with the tested copy from the QA environment. Much to my dismay, I couldn’t find any publicly available and publicly licensed PowerShell scripts to do this job.

I created the below module to do just that.

Noteworthy Items

  1. Backup folder is datetime stamped in a consistent manner
    1. Makes troubleshooting  simpler
    2. More straight forward rollbacks
  2. Different domains necessitated the use of New-PSDrive. It does still work on the same domain though.
  3. Excluding the web.config to preserve environmental configuration/differences.
  4. Delete backups older than 7 days so your infrastructure team doesn’t have to ask you why the drive is full.


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