As I looked forward to my weekend, Team Foundation Server(TFS) 2013 devised other plans. I chugged along making changes in the code, and then hit issues when I tried to queue new builds.

The error included the following message. You can view a screenshot below.



This took me on a wild goose chase to here, here and here. None of these touched the issue in any meaningful way. A coworker of mine mentioned that it might be a space issue on the TFS server machine. I logged in to find the infamous blue pie of disk space.

TFS 2013 leverages IIS to communicate with the client, check in code and queue builds. With developers whacking at TFS day and night, it didn’t take much time for the IIS logs to grow to ~17 GB.

The size allocated for the drives never took this into account. In this case, the machine had a whopping 50 GB C drive. The IIS logs gobbled up the extra space until no one could write to the C drive.

To put out the fire, I deleted the IIS logs and watched TFS spring back to life. I came up with the following preventive measures going forward.

  1. Increase the drive size to 60 GB
  2. Configure IIS to put the logs on a different drive
  3. Disable IIS logging for the time being
  4. Create alerts to track the space on all drives for that machine

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