Who needs this if there is already a TFS plugin for Jenkins and the feature has been completed? I couldn’t find a graphical guide on how to do it. There are a lot of configuration pages in Jenkins. I assume you have Jenkins and TFS playing together for this guide. You can follow the steps below to have Jenkins create a label in TFS.


1. Open Jenkins

2. Open your project

3. Click “Configure”

4. Click “Post-build Actions”


5. Click “Add post-build action”
6. Select “Create a label in TFVC” (TFVC = Team Foundation System Version Control)

7. Set the label as you see fit

8. Click “Always” or “If the build is successful” depending upon when a label should be created

9. Click “Save”

10. Go back to your project


11. Click “Build Now”

12. Open your Build

13. Click “Console Output”


14. Go to TFS to see the newly created label


That’s it. Now you can trace your Jenkins builds back to a specific version in your TFS source control.


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