You’re getting the great open source backup solution known as Bacula up and running. The interface can be a bit tricky to work with and backups can be large and verbose. How do you check that your backups are including all the files you intend?


  1. You can run the following list files JobId=10743
  2. The problem is that it may blow out your terminal
    1. Or say you want to compare two jobs
  3. One easy way is to send the output to a file
  4. Enter the following before your command(s)
  5. *@output test_job_12345.txt
    1. You can change the filename as well.
  6. *list files JobId=12345
    1. You can do as many commands as you like here
  7. *@output
  8. Then you’ll have a text file with the same output you would’ve seen in bconsole.


  1. Redirecting Bacula Console Command’s Output

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